Rhonda Vetere

Chief Information Officer

Herbalife Nutrition is a global corporation that develops and sells dietary supplements.

I work with the team that manages the entire corporation's Technology and operational infrastructure.

I enjoy being exposed to other cultures. People focus on their surroundings, and expanding those horizons is incredible. Working in a global capacity is thrilling, challenging, and evolving quickly. I like to learn different management styles in different cultures.

My typical workday consists of meetings with my entire team. I oversee IT Executives and projects all over the globe that improve how Herbalife does business, but it will also make doing business easier for our distributors and their customers. This includes working on transforming the technology organization with a digital edge, focus on building a team, and the technology that will help our distributors be more efficient from ordering online, shipping to paying. To help our business, we need to help them grow their businesses. We want to make doing business easier by deploying technology to find a balance between digitalization and human interaction.

I would tell women/girls a few pieces of advice. First, learn how to play golf. That has been huge for my career and something that I wish I learned earlier on. So many important conversations happen on the golf course. Second, know your elevator pitch. You may find yourself with the opportunity to connect with a senior executive in passing and having that information at the tip of your tongue is key to be able to impress. Finally, know that STEM is hip and cool.

To grow and evolve as a leader. I would love to spread my heart across the world and share my stories and methodology. I want to continue to be known as an iconic female presence who will be the voice when people call from all over the world about what good looks like in not only the technology but also running a global team.

I love to play golf. My life's passion is swimming so I swim almost every morning, but if I can't get to a pool, running is my other form of moving meditation.

“You can’t take care of your team if you are not taking care of yourself.” I am very passionate and make sure that my team takes care of themselves and maintains a healthy lifestyle. For me, training is so important and helps me with decision making.