Nicole Inouye

Director of Product, Buyer Engagement & Personalization

eBay! We were the first online marketplace! It's a place where people can buy and sell just about anything online!

I am a product manager! I look at what buyers and sellers need to be successful in buying and selling today and I try to build experiences on ebay that make it easier and more enjoyable to buy and sell on ebay.

I love problem solving! And finding creative ways to test hypotheses about what solutions can solve buyer and sellers problems.

I tend to talk through what buyers are saying about using ebay, what's hard and what's awesome. And I take those learnings into product discovery discussions to come up with ways to resolve those problems or help customers do more of what they thought was awesome.

My role requires the desire to listen to customers, really understand what they need and what they are doing to meet those needs. Then, I figure out how to make it easier or more enjoyable to meet those needs.

I would love to use my problem solving capabilities to solve really hard and meaningful problems in our world. Likley something to do with protecting our natural resources, like Ocean.

I love sports and doing things out doors, especially in the Ocean. I was born and raised in Hawaii. And I love body boarding. And I also play ice hockey!

Do the right thing. Do the hard work.