Swathi Nambiar

Software Engineer, Fullstack

eBay- online marketplace that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales

My team helps new sellers have their accounts setup on eBay and ensure reliable and smooth transactions

I love solving challenges I face, love that I get to learn everyday from my work and people around me, love that I can make a little difference in someone's day

A typical day starts with a team meeting where we share our progress/ challenges, I spend most of the day designing, coding or testing features on the website, collaborating with people within my team or other teams

I did my graduation then worked with a product based company, then pursued my masters in computer science and joined eBay

I want to be able to continue to make a positive impact on all the lives I touch directly (people around me - my family/ friends/ my team) or indirectly (for example people using eBay)

What makes me - me is variety, indoor + outdoor sports or activities + cooking + family time + music + watching shows + coding + anything creative or artistic + trying new things

Don't think about what others might say to you that will confine you from progressing.. because the only limits you have are what you set for yourself