Sr. Data Architect

eBay Inc is an ecommerce company that facilitates consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales through its website.

Data Architecture is properly building a data blueprint at the enterprise level by designing the data entities (tables) , taxonomies (relationships) , securing confidential data and governing the data that represent each business domain, as well as the data flow underneath each business process.

I love my work as it presents wide opportunities and challenges to learn and grow. The scope of my work is vast in which I get to hear multiple hats than a routine job.

I spend a lot of time of architecting solutions and designing table schemas, securing customer data and adhering to privacy regulations and governing all of the data that lands in the Data Warehouse.

My journey to data modeling/architecture started off with my interest in drawing and painting. When I learned about data modeling, I could immediately relate it to drawing with a sense of applying rules. I pursued my career in this field and have been enjoying my career progression. To inspire few other millennials, this is a very unique field but a very important one.

I take a lot of inspiration from achievers and get my motivation going. I would want to see me as a successful entrepreneur one day.

I love pencil drawing, painting and dancing in my free time.

Experience is what you gain when you don't land where you want to be.