Astika Gupta

Senior Product Manager - technical

eBay - Checkout and Payments team for the buyer experience

- Make sure the buyers on ebay are able to buy the items of their liking with minimal hastle and have a great customer experience which is friendly and satisfying. - Make sure we add the functionalities that users want to ebay and keep improving them

- I get to work with a lot of different teams and understand their work and collaborate with them. It gives me the ability to touch upon various phases through which a product or a feature is delivered. - I get to ideate and think out of the box to solve some of the complex problems for our users creatively. - I get to present my ideas, plans and solutions to other teams and finally launch a new feature for our users - I get to observe and understand how users are interacting with the features launched and create a big impact on them

- A typical day starts with a bunch of meetings with various teams - I write a whole lot of documents and make PPTs with the plans of what we should build next - I look at a lot of dashboards to understand how users are using the products and also sometimes talk to the customers directly.

- Pursued my love for science and math - Studied engineering - electronics and telecommunication - Started as a software engineer - Came to the US to pursue my masters from UC Berkeley - Progressed in PM career by joining companies like Microsoft, eBay

- I want to start up my own business one day for which I am currently doing some market research. - I also want to write my own book. I also want to expand to becoming a known public speaker. - Become a product leader in the industry

- Dancing - Mentor and coach for other Product Managers - Modeling/Pageantry (I was recently crowned Ms India Asia WA and before that I was crowned Miss India Seattle)

"Don't fear failure. Make rejections the fuel for your internal fire to become your best self."