Sabina Makhmudova

Targeting Innovation Agile Coordinator

eBay - an e-commerce platform which facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales.

I work in a team of experienced data analysts who constantly develop new models and elaborate targeting solutions. My role is to organize their work, assign projects and keep our partners and stakeholders happy and informed.

I love to organize and declutter things and processes. So, a timely completed and well documented project gives me the highest level of pride and satisfaction.

A typical day for me includes management of our backlog with tasks, prioritization meetings with our stakeholders, project planning and check-in meetings with the team. In addition to that, dozens of daily requests and messages from our stakeholder, which I need to answer, assign or redirect to the right specialist.

I have studied International Business in university and after graduation joined a Project Management software company as a marketing specialist and product manager. There I managed to get core understanding of both, digital marketing world, as well as best practices on how to lead and manage projects. I have then joined another software company for a short period of time and then joined eBay. I believe my first job was key to getting me where I am at today.

I am doing everything to achieve my long-time goal of becoming a product manager.

I split my free time into three categories. Everything for my body - meaning tennis, working out, walks, etc.; everything for my mind - meaning things like painting, reading fiction, cooking, just everything that gets my mind of work; and last everything for my self-development - various courses, groups that help me progress in my career.

Have a dream, that is just slightly visible on the horizon.