Katie Dudley

Senior Pro Trader Category Advisor

eBay UK

I help large sellers on eBay to grow their business and perform stronger on site.

I love learning about different businesses on eBay and having some giggles with sellers along the way. I love being able to take a problem and fix it for somebody. It's very rewarding to see a business earn more money and support their staff, based from my advice and guidance.

My day is made up of meetings, phone calls and emails between different sellers to work with them on different topics/issues. I have busy days but they go very quickly and I love what I do. One conversation might be to help sellers with a difficult return they had on site, or to help them work on improving their images for their listings.

I had a difficult time in school growing up, I grew up just my single mam and myself at home so sometimes found it hard to get through school. I'm thankful I did and was the first person in my family to go to college. College is very different to school and I loved it. My first diploma was in Journalism and Law. I have since gone on to complete 3 more college courses, in Business Development & Sales, Leadership and Project Management.

My future holds more movement in my career, I working on a Leadership pathway and who knows where this will take me! My personal future I hope holds buying a new home with my boyfriend of 7 years, we are working hard to save for a house now!

I love listening to music, I always attend concerts and festivals with friends. Anything to do with dogs makes me happy - I have a little fur baby named Lucy. I also love nothing more than new pajamas, cuddling up on the sofa and watching a good movie with a cheeky pizza.

"You grow through what you go through" "Be you, do you, for you" "Don't want for opportunity, create it" "Go the extra mile, it's never crowded"