Cristina Tugui Ichim

Product Launch Manager


I collaborate a lot with various teams like Engineering, Analytics, and Marketing And this is across countries and even continents, which is always fun and inspiring!

I usually start by catching up on emails - a lot happens on the US time zone, so my inbox is quite full in the morning. I then continue with meetings/solving action items, since those are local. And the afternoon is dedicated to collaborating with the markets and colleagues across the ocean.

I studied Economics and Marketing, with a strong focus on Information Systems. During my studies, I worked as a Research Assistant at Uni and did 2 internships at Philip Morris International (PMI). I was lucky to be part of amazing projects - redesign the old-school Intranet into a modern collaborative platform at PMI and document the opening of the Charlie Chaplin museum in Vevey, Switzerland (the place where he used to live). After Uni, I started working as a Digital Marketing Manager in a Swiss telecom company. It was the best way to start my career - small teams, in-house work, no agencies, I was collaborating directly with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and even launched the first Snapchat campaign in Switzerland. I then moved into a more analytical role, to nurture my high-school passion for Computer Science. I was writing queries, building reports and providing insights to our sales teams. It is such a beautiful thing to see your work being used by others and having their gratitude for easing the decision-making process!

Oooh, this is my favourite part. I love baking; it is the activity that relaxes me the most at the of a stressful day. And you know what the best part it? Sharing it with friends! During those hard times of being stuck at home due to COVID, I made surprise deliveries to my friends and they were just thrilled. I love helping others and a nice dessert is always the key to bringing a smile on someone's face :) My biggest satisfaction is to know that I played a small role into brightening their day.

“You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.” ― C.S. Lewis