Ramita Anand

Educational Mentor and Teacher

I founded ElevateRA educational mentoring services.

I empower young preteen and teen girls with the five superpowers (Confidence, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience,and Kindness) they need to be the best version of themselves possible.

Being a teacher is the most rewarding job, it has taught me so much and I love learning from others, especially my students! Watching their curiosity grow, acquire new skills and apply new knowledge is beyond joyous.

I write articles on girls in education, interview thought leaders, educators and creatives for my podcast series and teach 9-13 year old girls the importance of self belief and ways to work on growth mindset while celebrating their unique superpowers!

I worked as a teacher for over 15 years in different schools internationally, trained to work with kids with learning challenges and was department head for enrichment and support for 5 years. I am a mother of two children a teen girl, and preteen boy who has his own learning differences.

I want to raise girls to believe in themselves, dream big and achieve bigger so they grow up to be the future leaders of tomorrow we can be proud of!

I love to spend time with my family, reading, bike riding, yoga, cooking and catching up with good friends over great food and conversation. I also love dancing!

“When they go Low, we go high!” Michelle Obama