Manuela Leppert

Business Development Manager

eBay Kleinanzeigen - a German online marketplace where you can trade new and second hand items.

As a Business Development Manager I am working with lots of diverse people to find new and better product solutions for our customers while growing the business.

I love to make our world more sustainable by giving products a second life (use it second hand), while working with lots of different people from different functions, e.g. in Analytics, Development, Sales and Marketing

We do research to understand better what our customers need and build new products, that will help them. We are then defining communication and pricing for the customers to grow our business and develop more great products :)

After high school, I studied business administration. I worked part-time in different companies and different countries to understand business processes and different cultures. After some years I discovered the tech to be my favorite industry and started to work at eBay Kleinanzeigen.

In my future I hope I can have a family and a job I love. For my family I would like to take care together with my partner, so both of us can find self-fulfillment in what we do and spend time with our kids.

I love to travel and explore new cultures, last year, for example I visited my friend in India for his wedding. I also like to read, to do sports (diving, skiing, soccer...) and to have good discussions with my friends.

If life shuts a door, open it again. It's a door - that is how they work.