Lauren O'Driscoll

Legal Counsel

eBay, the global e-commerce site

I'm a lawyer. I help our teams to sign-up and support the companies and brands that use our site, from local small businesses to big global fashion and tech brands. I also help launch cool projects for everything from an onsite fashion brands outlet, to how you could build a car using eBay.

I love several things about my job. I love working in a team and getting to problem solve. I'm a bit of a wannabe wordsmith so I like writing contracts far too much! I also love helping our sellers make their businesses (often their dreams) a success, and helping our buyers get great value for money.

I help businesses both big and small to sell on eBay, it's really exciting to see small businesses grow but also work day to day with big brands. I do this by helping the teams to draft, negotiate and complete on contracts, and by coming up with solutions to problems or new ideas. I also help launch and run programs on the Site.

I was the first in my immediate family to go to university. I graduated with a law degree and then did a masters in International business law. The world was still recovering from the financial crisis when I graduated so I worked in retail, for a legal charity and then I joined a law firm at the bottom and gradually worked my way up. I got a wonderful opportunity to work at an international video games company and spent time living and working in Canada and Japan. I then came back to London, qualified as a lawyer at a London law firm and after a while a super exciting opportunity came up at eBay which I grabbed.

Work wise, I hope to continue to get better as a lawyer, to learn lots everyday and hopefully keep working on great new programs and projects for the site. Outside of work, I'd love to live somewhere with a garden so I could get a dog!

I love film, the theatre, rambling around markets (pre-Covid), or grabbing my camera and going for city strolls or country hikes. I “attempts” to keep fit but I hate running and will only do so once a week with several others after a football or occasionally after a bus.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken - Oscar Wilde