Kim LeGue

Director, HR Mergers & Acquisitions

eBay - the best global e-commerce marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers across the globe.

Any time eBay acquires (buys) a business, I work to ensure the employees we're bringing into eBay have a smooth, positive, outstanding experience. Any time Bay divests (sells) a part of the business, I work to ensure the eBay employees have a smooth transition to their new employer.

I love that I get to work on projects that really impact the eBay business and the platform that we provide to our global buyers and sellers. Through this work I get to work with many different people across eBay and across the world. It is truly a global role!

I spend most of the day learning, planning, and sharing information with my peers in order to provide a smooth experience for employees coming into eBay or exiting eBay.

I started my career in HR as an entry level HR assistance and moved through specialist roles, learning different aspects of the HR function. Through these roles and experiences, I learned which areas interested me the most and where I could make the biggest impact. Once I identified these areas, I focused my work to deepen my expertise and knowledge.

I hope to continue to expand my knowledge of the HR function, to contribute meaningful results for the business, and foster my professional connections inside and outside of eBay.

I love spending time with my family - currently teaching my son to drive! I also love to run, ride my Peloton, and spend time with my friends.

I had a manager tell me early in my career, and I remind myself of this often as I take on new projects: Do not be afraid to try new things. It's ok to make mistakes. You're smart and will figure it out.