Mehrnaz Tavan

senior machine learning researcher

eBay- ecommerce

I use computer programming and mathematical modeling to find trends in data.

I love the fact that I can solve problems using math. In addition, I love how programming helps me to be creative in my work.

I spent my days reading research papers on recent models in machine learning, identifying areas that machine learning can help my company, perform analysis to predict how much growth can this model create, and implement these models.

I came to the USA to pursue my Doctorate degree in electrical and computer engineering. The first year I took a course in machine learning and I instantly fell in love with that course. It motivated me to continue this path on my PhD thesis. After graduation, i started working in my current employment.

I want to be the director of research and development for a tech company.

I like outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing. I have always had a love for heavy metal music and recently I have started learning to play guitar.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi