Aarti Painter

Manager GCX

I work at ebay, which is an ecommerce marketplace that enables sellers and buyers to have the best experience while doing online business

I look after seller experience for India sellers, helping them sort their issues

I love meeting people in my team and seeing what new ideas my team comes up with. I enjoy making new plans and seeing them turn into reality

Start with coffee always, make my to do list and start prioritizing- meet my team and go through imp things that need to immediate attention. Rest is easy peasy..)

I am a MBA in marketing, worked with media and ad agencies and joined a Telecom firm to start off with customer service- worked there for 10 years!! welll after 2 babies i decided to start again and hence ebay happened

I take each day as it comes and dont think so much..)

I love to stay fit so I put in 45 min a day to exercise, apart from that i love reading- watching movies and spending friday nights playing board games