Olga Troeger

Sr. Project Mgr Partner & Operations Management

ebay supports creating equal opportunities for customers and employees and cares increasing the share of women in tech and also in management positions

I manage Delivery/Shipping operations for Germany, France, Italy and Spain. I take care that items are correctly tracked so that buyers know where they are until they reach them, I make sure our label platform works so that sellers can print labels to send their items and also manage the estimated dates of delivery so that buyers know when their shipments will arrive.

I work with many different eBay Partners accross Europe and also with many colleagues in different countries. I love the cultural interaction and travelling to see them (when there was no Covid)- I love working with my team and helping them develop their strenghts.

I start at 8 in the morning meeting my direct reports to discuss about important meeitngs for the day, we update ourselves on news related to delivery/shipping and set goals for the day. I will then start meeting many colleagues and partners thoughout the day through video-calls and in between, work on my emails. I make sure I also make brakes to relax, eat and recharge.

I work for eBay already 16 years. I am a proces improvement professional holding a lean Six Sigma Black Belt (not that common for women :)). After 13 years improving processes for Customer support I received the opportunity to manage operations for Shipping also with the goal of improving and standardizing internal and external processes and products

Wonderful things! I cannot wait to keep growing and learning in my area but also improving my language skills (I speak 5 languages :))

I love spending time with my 8 year old son and a husband. When I can I love to travel, sing, swim, go for a run, read, go to museums and meet lots of friends to go out, cook and laugh.

Pablo Picasso: I don't search, I find.