Tara Dennis

Technical Program Manager

eBay- provides a platform to purchase or sell all types of items while connecting you with buyers and sellers from around the world.

I work with multiple teams across eBay to understand changes that will have an impact on our customer service team, buyers, and sellers. Once I understand the changes, I work with our technical teams to implement technical solutions and to ensure our customer service team has the information they need to support our members.

I love being able to provide solutions and information to our customer service teams to ensure they are successfully able to support our members with questions, concerns, and issues. Without these solutions, this can cause confusion and doubt for our members who are passionate about our platform.

I work closely with our Product teams to understand and discuss what changes are being made to our site. Once I understand the changes and timelines, I define the requirements that will be needed to support these changes. I then communicate the changes needed to all of our impacted technical teams to make sure they understand the work that they need to do to provide the correct solutions for our customer service team and members. This also includes making changes to our tools utilized by our customer service team, making sure they have the information they need to support any questions they receive from our members. I manage the work that is being delivered from multiple teams and update the necessary partners if we run into any issues or delays.

I started my career at eBay in our customer service team speaking with our buyers and sellers to address all issues and questions they faced. I then moved into a seller business role where I supported our sellers selling Art and Collectible items to help them understand how to improve their business and listing on the site to increase sales. After that, I moved to a Service Design role, meaning I made sure any changes that took place on the site accounted for the impact it could have to our customer service team and members. This included me clarifying the information that would be required from our Technical teams to ensure we had the information we needed in teammate tools. Lastly, I moved to the technical teams to implement those requirements and solutions making sure our customer service team and members are supported.

I love to learn and push myself every day to learn something new. I am fairly new to my current role and am focused on learning all of the different technical teams at a more in depth level to better support the projects I manage today. My future will be me continuing to push myself to learn and grow in ways that can help me with my current role or future roles that I have interest in.

I love to paint. I have painted for several years and find it both relaxing and inspiring to create something new that brings joy to others. When I am not painting, I am spending time with loved ones including my three dogs!

Quote by Connor Franta- "Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile"