Chantal Epp

Founder & CEO

ClicknClear, we're an award-winning music rights tech company delivering officially licensed music to performance sports (like dance, gymnastics, cheerleading etc) and fitness worldwide.

I manage everything in the business, come up with strategy, the product, the key solutions and more. I work across all areas of the business and motivate my teams to work with me towards the company's goal.

I created my job so I get to do what I want in the way I want to do it. I have built an incredible team of people to support me and the business and love the culture we have created. I love that I get to work on my passions every day and am solving a problem my industry has.

I work through emails, have a lot of meetings with both my team and external parties such as record labels and music publishers or sports organisations. I read legal agreements, write strategy documents, create specifications for our technology platforms, do business accounting, create presentation decks, manage my team, post on social media, and the list goes on. No one day is the same. As a Founder, I have a lot of variety in my role and essentially do whatever is a priority for the business at that point in time.

I've been involved in music since I was 4 years old and studied music at GCSE, A Level and then University. I knew I wanted to work in the music industry and just needed to find out what I wanted to do. I started my first company at University and then worked part time at a music licensing company. Unfortunately that company went into administration (meaning it had to close) and that is when I started my company ClicknClear.

I love providing solutions to problems. I would like to build my current company into a multi-million pound company that eventually 'floats' on the stock market (meaning the public can buy shares in it). I would also really like to tackle the issues around disability inclusion in society. So many people talk about diversity and inclusion, but are really only talking about gender or race and so I want to continue to advocate for other marginalised groups, on a much larger scale. I'd also like to start a couple other companies building tech that will help people.

I love cheerleading, I'm a high level athlete and pioneer of disability inclusive cheerleading. I've travelled around the world building inclusive cheerleading teams so I also love to travel. I also do horse riding, boxfit and other physical activities. I like to stay as active as I can! In addition, I love reading books and also playing on my VR headset.

Be the CEO your parents wanted you to marry. I'm not sure where this came from but it really promotes girl power and I love it!