lisa buchanan

Director, Operations

ebay - we connect buyers and sellers together worldwide

I run the operations side of the organization, ensuring everything comes together for the team so we meet our deliverables and goals. This allows our team to focus on what they do best - delivering great products for our customers.

It's an intense role and changes every day - no day is every the same. I'm in the behind-the-scenes work to ensure our organization does well, and I get to work with great people every day.

Meetings to discuss what the team is working on, staff meetings to share the vision of the team, all hands with the team to create a culture of transparency, steering committees to ensure our stakeholders know what is going on and helping us make good decisions.

I have a background in project and program management - I was the little kid who was organizing something and pulling everyone together all the time. I have a bachelor's degree in English, which is not a normal career path.

I want to continue to have fun with the team, travel a lot and work for a company that cares about the world and our place in it.

Travel (not lately though!), work on the house, stay current with the news, spend time with our cats and doing some volunteer work.

Get it done.