Samhita Pyla

Software Engineer

eBay - world's online marketplace where you can sell, buy or trade things and provide people/small businesses a platform to be empowered

I work on internal tooling within eBay to support ebay developers help maintain/release features

I get to contribute to the awesome platform that eBay is by building service that help facilitate everything and being involved in logical and intellectual discussions

Writing code for the main part of it and collaborating people for discussions in meetings

I first went to a summer class to learn C language and that's what pushed me to pursue my Bachelor's in Computer Science after high school and then Master's in software Engineering which let to my entry into the sotfware industry

I would like to see myself contributing to innovative solutions and helping future engineers navigate the path with my experiences

I like singing, painting, hiking or playing a sport.It helps me mentally cool down and re-focus on my everyday challenges with a fresh perspective. I think it's equally important to take a break when needed mentally and physically to be able to give our best at work and life

It alway's seems impossible until it's done - so never back down from trying