Amanda Obidike

Data Scientist and Director of STEMi Makers Africa

STEMi Makers Africa

We address the leaky unemployment pipeline, the underrepresentation of women and girls in STEM by empowering and equipping Africans with STEM opportunities and skills. In this role, I provide leadership, strategy management and coordinate the design and implementation of Community projects and STEM education.

I like that my work gives me the opportunity to tell my story to young women and girls. My work also gives me a platform for mentoring young people and giving them the career as well as academic support and building the self-confidence they need to excel in STEM.

My work requires sending a lot of emails, securing partnerships, and building relationships with Community led organizations and companies that are passionate about STEM.

I had no prior experience or academic history in technology while growing up. I was a girl who loved financing and accounting. But as time went by, I found this so boring and demotivating. In 2018, I had the opportunity to be trained on data analytics and business intelligence when I was without a job. That was my turning point. I began to coach on data analytics and start my initiative where young Africans can be job-ready with technical skills in the Technology space. Following this, I earned a Mastery Award in Business Intelligence by IBM and went on for a certification in STEM Education.

I would love the future to be more inclusive where girls are free to dream, excel, and win.

Outside of work, I run a community library for children to borrow books, host extracurricular activities, and build them in leadership. I love to teach children and take them on recreational and reading programs.

"When advices are given, they are meant to direct our decisions and not shape them. Take advices that gives you the opportunity to think for yourself. For in the end, you win."