Lizou Gilinsky

Business Operation, Sr. Manager


I'm doing two roles: 1. As Business Operation Manager I mange one of the divisions' budget and outsorces 2. As Chief of Staff in eBay Israel I look over the day to day site operation including managing our Internal communication and employer branding

I love the fact that I collaborate with other people, that my work environment and projects are dynamics and the need to adapt quick to ongoing chnages.

A typical day will include meetings, and self work of email, and startegy thinking, or prepartion of working documents and presentations

I did many different roles that in each of them I've learned something new and was developed to fulfill the next role. I started as stock broker, moved to managed stock oprions plan in Hi-Tech company, Content manager, and buisness operation.

Just good things; I'm always open and curious and welcome the opportunity and advanture that I could bring the best in me.

I love sport, mainly running and crossfit, hiking and traveling with family and friends, cooking, and reading

"You don't becaome what you want, you become what you believe" - Oprah Winfrey