Bronwyn Morgan


Xeo Air - we are a drone services company that provides drone pilots for missions where we capture pictures, video, thermal and other sensor data for clients in telecom, utilities, energy, bridges, highways, roads and during catastrophes and disaster. When then process and analyze that data so that can better understand the causes and outcomes and make good business decisions.

I run the company as the CEO. I create the strategies, manage the teams, lead the client sales process and ensure that we are providing solid services for our clients. I am also a certified drone pilot with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This is such an exciting space to work in. To be on the forefront of aviation and aerospace innovation allows me to be a part of creating solutions with new technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence, sensors and autonomous equipment.

I usually start early at my desk first reviewing emails, then making follow up calls, then I get into meetings and strategy sessions about the sales process and client engagement. I spend a full day on this, mostly via Zoom and also speak at many online events about the industry. I do get to fly on some projects when my schedule allows.

I've always wanted to work in aviation and aerospace, but went into business after college. I worked for major global consumer products companies where I learned business operations and management and also how to lead innovation. After corporate roles, I became an entrepreneur. I've worked in innovation all over the world and helped lead some of the biggest companies on new tech and innovation solutions. I've also worked with many start up companies on how to launch into the market.

I want to have the most successful drones services company in the world. I see us leading innovation and customer solutions with small and large drones. I also want to make sure we train the next generation so that they can be prepared to operate in our industry.

For fun, I teach meditation and I like working out. I really enjoy weight lifting and long walks. I enjoy yoga and cooking on the weekends.

"You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it." - Einstein