Cierra Birch, Ph.D.

Molecular Science Liaison

Caris Life Sciences

- Building relationships while providing scientific, clinical, and research support to KOLs and staff - Point of contact for two key national accounts - Ever expanding knowledge of precision oncology, with a current focus on gynecological malignancies - Commercial education, instructing precision oncology courses, supporting research and clinical trial studies.

There’s nothing more exciting than coming up with a question in my head and then having the freedom and curiosity to design an experiment to test it. It’s very mentally stimulating and fun.

Depends on the day, but it typically involves checking on my cells, doing science experiments, reading journal articles and networking, preparing for my weekly update meetings with my boss and colleagues.

I was the middle child to a young,single mom working her way through nursing school. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, and became a graduate researcher to while working on my PhD. I then applied for this position based on past research, good grades, and recommendation letters.

I’m actively seeking a position as a medical science liaison because I have a passion for science communication. I’m also interested in keeping up to date with advancements in human therapeutics

I love to rollerblade, cook, shoot pool, and draw.

“Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re not good enough.” - Dr. Roisin Puentes