Andreea Irimia

Software Engineer

Kainos - digital services and consultancy provider

I write code that impacts services and products used by millions of people. As a Software Engineer, I am involved in the whole software life cycle, from design and implementation, to testing and deployment.

The variety of work, so far there's always been something I didn't know how to do before. Every day is a school day, but there are some school days when teachers don't come to class, so you're responsible for your own learning! :)

I start my day early checking what the day ahead looks like. I like to take advantage of the quiet time to work on my task at hand, for example writing code, unit tests, debugging or investigating existing code. After stand-up there might be team calls or meetings to attend, or colleagues to get in touch with or help. Lunch breaks can include going outside, cooking (while working from home), reading or simply taking a break. The rest of the day I'd continue with my tasks or work together with other colleagues. We'd usually hold a team tea break on zoom after which we all get back to some more work. I also like to take notes at the end of the day and prepare the next one.

I am a Computer Science graduate, having done a summer internship and industrial placement gave me the experience and desire to pursue a career in Software Engineering.

Short term, a Senior Software Engineer role will equip me with the right technical skills and business-oriented mindset that will guide my next steps into either a Lead Software Engineer or Technical Architect position. At the same time I am interested in Data Science projects and experience.

I enjoy doing yoga or workouts before or after work, cooking healthy sweets, reading fantasy, listening to random podcasts (neuroscience, philosophy), visiting new places, museums, and spending time with family/friends.

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche