Lauren Burke

Data Scientist

CoverMyMeds - A healthcare technology company that helps patients get the medications they need to live healthy lives.

I find interesting patterns in sets of data that we can use to learn and make predictions about the past, present, and future. To me, data science is an intersection of math, statistics, and computer science with a heavy focus on creative problem-solving, which allows me to combine a lot of my areas of interest into one role!

I enjoy the process of finding creative solutions to problems. Plus, I'm a naturally curious person and data science gives me freedom to always be asking questions and exploring!

Exploring data and building models, meeting with coworkers, and thinking of ways to utilize data to provide business value.

I studied math in college and took some computer science courses as well. After taking a Machine Intelligence course, I chose to focus my senior thesis (year-long research project) on a topic that combined mathematics and machine learning. During the project, I realized how much I truly enjoyed working with data and wanted to pursue it as a future career!

Going on more adventures! My goal is to visit every National Park. I'm also interested in enhancing my education in my field. Data Science is continually changing and advancing, so there's never a shortage of new and exciting things to learn!

Hang out with my dog, play board games, and learn new things! I'm also very involved in my local community and love finding opportunities to share my enthusiasm for math and data with others.

Work hard and be nice to people!