iAsia Brown

Senior Producer

Xbox Game Studios Publishing

Xbox Game Studios Publishing is a group of game industry professionals partnering with world-class independent developers on innovative franchises. We empower our studio partners to push the boundaries of technology, storytelling, and player engagement to bring great games to diverse audiences everywhere.

I get to give back to the community in which I came from and I get to see the results in action.

I get typically collaborate with my co-workers on how we are going to make a project come to life. Then we test out different ideas with data and artificial intelligence technologies.

I spent a very long time in the military because I wanted to help people. Now, I really get to develop the technologies that bring those thoughts to life!

I am going to be a CEO one day! While on that journey, I am going to help as many people as possible find their way into tech.

I love to paint and roller skate, usually at the same time! I create robots that help me do things around the house and I host a podcast.

"Sky isn't the limit, it's the view." - Kasseem Dean