Anna Hoeser

Onboarding and Learning Delivery Lead

GP Strategies, supporting Learning Delivery Services for our client, eBay.

Manage new hire experience Days 1-90, and Program manage training delivery team.

I love helping people, bringing great learning experiences to life!

Lots of emails, lots of zoom, lots of collaborating with teams across HR to plan and execute on development solutions for employees and leaders.

I've been with GP Strategies for 16 years, supporting training delivery a variety of clients in the managed services model. I started out in outsource software contracts, then training coordination, admin staffing and finally landed where my experience in outsource, client-facing roles, staffing and training admin culminated to the perfect opportunity at GP.

I want to grow my career in the leadership development and HR services, as well as return to singing in a choir again someday.

My favorite thing to do is to hike and explore. Being outdoors in the fresh air, moving and surrounded by nature are tremendously fulfilling.

The real joy of daily work is in what we have to give. We are not fulfilled by what we can seek to please us, but what we can build and offer. It is not fame, or money, or recognition that makes for a thoroughly meaningful life — it is how we put our gifts to use. It is how we give. ~Brianna Wiest