Claire Hannon

Product Owner


Origami is an independent BESS portfolio management platform. We are on a mission to help build a green energy world powered by smart technology.

Understanding what powers the business, bringing people together to find great solutions to tricky problems and sharing success as a team. Solving customer problems is both intensely technical but also very much about understanding the customer and gaining enough trust to delve deeper and find the root causes of issues. I enjoy working with a talented group of people tackling some of the hardest problems.

I am involved in a project around data that can be tricky to convince people about. I spend time discussing the topic formally using tailored slides for each group but also informally sharing perspectives and learning and honing my pitch. I need lots of folks to bring this together so it takes focus and planning to keep moving forward.

I earned a Geography degree, but was always interested in software. I merged the two in an MSc degree in Geographical Information Science. Upon completion, I immediately took a role as a consultant for a software vendor working with national mapping agencies specialising in data quality. I have learned lean and agile techniques along the way and bring lean thinking to all I do.

I have been developing my vision building and roadmapping skills this year and hope to work in product management in the future.

I run. I crochet. I play geolocation games (munzee and run-an-empire) to help me run further and more varied routes. I love to cook and try and master a new technique each year. I grow a large vegetable garden.

'Practice radical candor.' - Kim Scott