Ivana Mijailovic

Senior Manager


We are building the best computer architecture to enable smarter, better and connected world. I manage a team of highly skilled engineers on our quest to deliver the best processors in the world, helping them in achieving their career dreams.

I love enabling people brilliance and solving complex engineering problems.

I am helping my team to achieve their full potential by spending time coordinating, coaching, and mentoring them. My typical day will have a lot of meetings and conversations to help the team but also time for me to set teams direction, drive our technical development and so on.

I have Master's degree in Computer Science and I started my career as IP Verification Engineer. With time and experience, I took more responsibilities in leading verification strategy for my team, people management(development and feedback), eventually started leading the team and taking more responsibilities contributing to the wider organization.

I am passionate about engineering and organization efficiencies and I am trying to contribute improvements to various aspects of it.

I love baking, knitting, and reading books. I like spending time with my family, I am a mother and enjoy playing with my kids and dog. Whenever I have some free time, I spend it dancing. :)

"Keep going because you didn't come this far just to come this far." - Unknown