Saadeqa Khan

CEO/ Editor/ Science Journalist

I work as a freelance science journalist for multiple national and international outlets, including Deutsche Welle and BBC Urdu. I founded Scientia Pakistan; I serve as CEO and Editor-in-chief of this science magazine also.

I'm struggling to promote scientific literacy in Pakistan through writing and practical efforts. My organization Scientia works to reshape the narrative of science journalism in my country.

I'm mad for science; I love when layperson learns basic science through my articles and science blogs.

I'm involved in multiple projects at a time. Since I write for multiple media outlets, I kick-start my day with the most important assignments to meet their deadlines. After lunch, I would prefer to give time to my science magazine. Most of our writers are university students; guiding them for writing and crafting a science piece needs a lot of effort, energy, and time. But I love this part of my job. I go to a 30 mins walk in the evening or before dinner and would love to spend the night reading or watching a great sci-fi movie.

I based in a very restricted and backward area of Pakistan where women cannot go to school and colleges. I struggled a lot and fought a battle to reach the position where I'm today. I started as a science communicator and blogger, and now in just four years, I'm an internationally recognized science journalist, editor, award-winning author, and translator of many science books. In 2020, I was selected among 14 other journalists worldwide for Falling Walls and Berlin Science Week 2020, journalists grant. I'm recently selected as a finalist for the British FDM Everywomen in technology 2021 awards in the academic category, and I'm very hopeful for the win. I'm also awarded for National science award 2019 by the government of Pakistan.

My recent achievements have opened a couple of doors for a bright and successful career for me as a science journalist in international outlets. I'm very hopeful of joining BBC Science/ BBC Earth by the end of 2021. My organization, Scientia Pakistan, is also growing leap and bounds, getting me recognition internationally as a successful CEO in Pakistan.

I love to spend my spare time reading, watching shows and Sci-fi movies, and painting/sketching. I love to travel and explore new cultures and languages.

If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way.