Laxmi Slider

Scientific Director

PRECISIONscientia - a medical communications agency dedicated to translating the science of medicine into clinical benefit

I lead a team of passionate scientists in developing content that effectively communicates the advances in the field of medicine

My work has a tangible impact on patients around the world. My work takes medicine from a 1-to-1 interaction all the way to the ability to affect every patient with a specific disease.

I interact with doctors, scientists, and pharmaceutical partners either live or virtually to learn about the gaps in medicine - where is help needed the most? Then we take that knowledge and develop resources of all kinds to fill in those gaps and meet those needs.

I have a doctorate, a PhD, in pathobiology. I started in cardiovascular research as a teenager, I moved to oncology research, then realized that my true passion was communicating the science rather than conducting the research. That led me to medical communications. My path wasn't straight, and it doesn't have to be! You can figure out what you love to do along many different journies!

I want to know I've made a change in someone's life for the better! My future has many options, and no matter which way I go, I now know to make the choices that will make me the most happy and proud of myself.

I love interior design. I love rock climbing. Most of all, I love being a mom!

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies. -Unknown