Ruchi Kohar

Service Delivery Manager


I lead the PMO (Program Management Office) for transformational Google Cloud Professional Services programs, covering end to end planning, delivery assurance and verification, and tracking & reporting.

I love to work with amazing people from diverse backgrounds all around the world, learn and collaborate to solve complex problems.

I start my day with an excited smile to greet my top priorities. Emails and meetings as my constant companions, I have great discussions with my peers and customers to make every day count!

I started my career in Education and moved to Corporate as a manger in a paralegal firm. In my 18+ years I have worked in several companies - such as Cisco, Sephora, Veritas Technologies LLC. and iTalent Digital, in cross functional leadership roles including Sales, Services, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance & IT. This diverse experience has helped me bring a holistic approach to my current role at Google.

Endless Possibilities! Professionally I want to challenge myself by taking different roles. Personally I want to run a marathon with my kids some day!

I love doing DIY projects that offer creative Nirvana. I love to travel with family and friends and explore new places which helps me appreciative diverse perspectives.

Be the change you want to see in the world.