Kim Sedgwick

Senior Operations Manager


I help the business run as efficiently and effectively as possible. I work in Central Operations with my main focus on the management system and objectives of the business.

I get to work with people across the business and assist them in achieving their goals and delivering their best work

I typically have a few meetings discussing business processes or areas of concerns. This also includes supporting business areas in implementing their Objectives, what these look like and ensuring that our systems accurately reflect how we are operating.

I originally started in project management before moving into operations management. It was an area I had no idea about when I was younger, or studying. My natural instincts to be organised, help people and run things efficiently led me down this path, which I love!

I'm an opportunist; every time I have tried to make a plan, an opportunity I haven't prepared for arises and I go for it. I hope my future holds more of working with great people and helping them achieve brilliance!

I enjoy being in nature. I am based in Norway and fortunately, that opportunity is constant. I love being with friends and making good food. I also have a toddler who I love hanging out with. :)

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Sir Isaac Newton