Sukhi Jutla

Cofounder and COO

MarketOrders - MarketOrders is an award-winning B2B platform that enables independent retail jewellers to buy gold and diamond jewellery directly and seamlessly from international suppliers. Giving them access to global designs and assured product quality, we aim to provide cheaper prices and faster service using innovative technology.

I make sure the business is running well and take care of everything from finances to marketing to making sure our website is running- so I overview how the business is operating

Every day is so different and because my responsibilities are so large and varied I am always problem-solving in different parts of the business which means I am learning new things all the time

I use the mornings to deal with important things that need my focused attention which could be reviewing financial data or sales projections. I use the afternoons to have meetings with my team or suppliers and use this time to also do less focused work such as managing admin tasks

I started off working for banks where I was a business analyst and then moved to become a project manager. I ran many different projects which are similar to what I do today- managing and operating things

I am working hard to build a company that helps my industry to become more efficient and profitable.

I love spending time in nature, going for walks and spending time with people who inspire me. I also love to read books and listen to inspirational podcasts

“Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right.” – Quote By Henry Ford