Asha Mokashi

Director, Technical Communications


I help our customers succeed by enabling and upskilling my team to create clear useful content that explains how to make the best use of Arm's products

I love making our customer's lives easier by helping them do what they want to do, in the fastest way possible. I love helping people write and communicate efficiently. I love proving to my team that they can do so much more than they think they can! Most of us tend to underestimate ourselves. I love connecting people and watching the sheer magic that collaboration brings about!

I develop strategies for meeting the evolving information needs of customer - so everything from helping my team get feedback on their documentation to enhancing the quality of their work by sharpening their skills, and finding new ways to collaborate across various departments across Arm to enhance customer experience. So a lot of my day is spent in meetings, talking to people.

My background is in languages - English and French. I have a Master's degree in French and started my journey as a teacher at the university. I changed track to Technical Writing, where I learned on the job. My core transferable skill was writing. Leadership I learned on the job, though I was always very driven to bring about change - especially during my volunteering days. I work in a field where most people are engineers. But in my leadership track, what I need is the ability to strategize, plan, design solutions, and interact well with people. I built all of this along the way, capitalizing on my natural love for people and passion for progress.

I hope to get more people at Arm focused on customer success through improved internal collaboration! I am already implementing cross-team influencing and hope to build on this.

I love gardening, trees, long walks in the countryside, and reading!

"You have to act as if it is possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time." - Angela Davis