Laurel Dzneladze

Customer Success Manager

Microsoft and my job is to help customers get the most out of the Modern Workplace investment

I explain the value of the technology they own, and look for opportunities to storytell and build cool stuff with customers. I also uncover new sales avenues for the sales teams.

I get to work with lots of companies on their digital workplaces. Sometimes the things I do really drive impact - revenue, engagement etc. I build lots of friendships and relationships with my customers and become a working part of their team.

Sometimes I'm looking for solutions to customer problems, or building something with them. Or looking for opportunities to make their build projects easier. I also spend time with internal teams on strategy and planning.

I started in communications and saw there was an opportunity to focus on workplace technology and how it drives workplace productivity and engagement. My later roles focused on creating effective communications channels to get information to employees, feedback from them and drive company culture.

I love working with customers, I definitely feel like I'm making an impact much larger than I could do on my own. I want to continue focusing on customer contact roles, but hope to pivot to more of a product marketing role.

I like riding my bicycle and taking pilates classes. I have two kids and like planning adventures so they can get out and experience new things - always looking for fun events and activities for them. I also enjoy paddle boarding, going to see fine arts performances and hiking with my husband.

The value of a true leader is not measured by the work they do, but by the work they inspire others to do. - Simon Sinek