Srishti Issrani

Technology Consulting Analyst

Deloitte - A Big 4 Consulting Firm that helps its clients imagine, and deliver their objectives, using the latest technology, from creating strategy, all the way through to implementation of processes and systems.

I am an Implementation Consultant who understands how a client's processes and systems are set up and advises them on being more efficient and effective at reaching their goals by implementing improved processes and systems.

I love that I get to work on different clients across different industries and immerse myself in their business. The variety of work means I get to pick up a breadth of experience and skills and work with people from around the world.

A typical day at work involves running workshops to understand the client's current systems and processes, designing new systems and processes, and working with the client to facilitate adoption of the new processes and systems.

I studied Information Technology Management for Business (Accounting) at the University of Manchester, and graduated in 2019. While at university, I worked as an Associate IT Manager for Procter & Gamble and co-founded a fin-tech startup that won £4,000 at Fidelity Start-Up Competition. Having experienced a couple different industries by then, I wanted a role that helped me gain experience in multiple industries. Consulting provided the perfect opportunity to do so, and I decided to take up Technology Consulting at Deloitte, specialising in Enterprise Applications.

Ever since I learned the definition of C-Suite leadership in a Business class, I am working my way up the ranks to become one of them. I want to leave behind a legacy of creating new opportunities for women and minority groups in technology and inspire the next generation of young girls to become pioneers in STEM careers.

I love working with the elderly and children. I am a Digital Training Buddy for AgeUK London as well as a school mentor and a school governor. I am a plant mom, a dancer, a voracious reader and a novice cooking enthusiast.

You can do everything you want and achieve anything you want in the world, just not all at the same time. - My High School Teacher. This quote grounds me when I want to take on more than my plate can handle. If I do not take care of myself, my work, my relationships will suffer, hence it is important that I make a plan to hit my milestones one at a time.