Sarvi A

Sr. Product Manager

Financeit_ Centah- My company builds and provides software solutions for some of north America's largest retailers in home improvement industry.

I lead our product teams. My responsibilities are tech strategy for our Centah portfolio and also to manage and mentor our Product Owners

Mentoring my team and helping them to shine and be successful! also I enjoy solving problems and bringing product vision to life for our clients.

Lots of meetings with stakeholders both internal and external specially our clients to understand problems they are facing to be able to set a strategy to support their business. I also spent a lot of time with my team to help them with execution and problem solving.

I studied civil engineering and after 2 years of working in that industry pivoted to financial services. I worked for one of north America's largest banks in tech and operation. After 7 years in banking I transitioned to Financeit tech team.

I want to be able to pave the way for more girls( specially women of colour) to enter into tech leadership roles. I want to help and coach girls to have the confidence to achieve everything they want and influence business decisions.

I love dancing and also riding my bike. I also love travelling but for now I had to put that on pause due to pandemic obviously.

I have two " Be the person you needed when you wanted help" " You won't get permitted to have a dream if you can't fulfill it"