Veronica Bradley

Business Development Executive

IBM and I am on the Microsoft Alliance. In my BDE role, I am responsible for driving digital transformation and cloud migration on Microsoft Azure.

I help companies figure out how to take advantage of cloud computing. And, I help them provide digital technologies to their employees and their customers.

I love working with companies to help them improve the way they do business. I get to understand how they are doing things today and figure out how they can improve with process, technology, and people improvements. I get to learn about leading technology and help my customers apply it in their environment. I love seeing my customers benefit from our projects.

I meet with customers to discuss how they are doing and learn about anything I might be able to do to assist them in improving their business and/or address any challenges they face - increase sales, improve productivity, improve the employee work experience, improve safety for customers and employees, lots of areas to discuss around improving their business outcomes. I also work with partners and internal teams to collaborate on ideas and to get things done for our customers. I also spend a lot of time doing research and learning. The tech industry moves fast, therefore, we need to stay sharp to be competitive and make an impact. Every day is different. Lots of interaction with people and lots of time spent listening and learning.

I started out in sales at IBM. I was a Client Representative. Complex, technology sales. This opened the door for me to grow in technology sales and delivery (delivering technology-based projects) for customers. I started with selling services to take information off the mainframe (big computers used by large corporations) and make available to employees on mobile devices and the web. Then multi-channel solutions for retailers - think of buying clothes or stuff online, and having a seamless experience. I continued to be promoted and work on complex and innovative projects. I have traveled around the world for work and have enjoyed enjoyed collaborating with teams in Japan, India, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, France, Italy, UK, Mexico, and Canada. I now work directly with partners to help drive technology-based solutions to help customers. Loads of flexibility. Intense. Fun.

I came to live out loud . . . . this means, I want to help others have a good life - like me. My parents were farmworkers and taught me to focus on education and to reach for the stars. I have done well and I would like to help others achieve financial freedom. My goal was to do well to help others & I have achieved this goal. I hope to continue to make an impact for customers and people around me. And, I hope to continue to live my best life and enjoy the journey, which includes traveling around the world.

I love to travel and I love to volunteer. I am fortunate to be married to someone who loves to learn new cultures and appreciates traveling off the beaten path. Our goal is to continue to do so, including travel around the USA.

We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated. Maya Angelou -