Anca Dabija

Security Support Officer

An international organization

My job is a combo of ensuring implementation of security standards with respect to physical security, classified information handling and liaising with international security authorities. It also implies drafting of strategic and operational documents, audits and inspections.

No day looks like the other. The work environment is very dynamic, and I always need to be on top of my game, and adapt to the newest threats and situations.

Some days, I engage with numerous persons and I am permanently on the move. Other times, I get to focus on drafting documentation to support the implementation of security standards. I always manage to crack some jokes and drink a cup of coffee surrounded by my work buddies, until some emergency arises and I need to abandon my coffee mug.

My journey is best described by a couple of articles whose links I leave below, as I feel tempted to write too much in this tiny box :) Part 1: Part 2:

If only we knew what our future holds! I know what my wishlist contains: finishing my PhD focused on women in security, jumping back into project management and Security Sector Reform. Travelling back to Africa, doing some trekking in Madeira, sipping some cocktails on a deserted beach. *books flight tickets*

If when I was in my 20s fun meant dancing all night long and enjoying sunrises after a marathon of FRIENDS, nowadays, fun means hanging out with my friends during reasonable hours (I need my sleep :) ), hiking or trekking, reading, mentoring young people, and doing all those nice self-love things like taking long baths, meditating, doing yoga. I gave myself permission to take it slower. It's ok to have fun in a quieter way.

I actually have two quotes which underline my life philosophy. The first one is 'Be the person you needed when you were growing up' and I add 'professionally'. The second one is a verse from Rumi, the famous Sufi poet: 'What you seek, is seeking you.'