Laura Moore

Senior Information Developer

Arm. Although you may not have heard of us, we're everywhere. If you have a smartphone, it almost certainly has Arm technology powering it. We design the technologies that allow machines to think and process information.

I work with our amazing engineers, to make sure that they can communicate effectively about what they're doing. It doesn't matter how good they are if no-one understands what they're doing.

I am passionate about the potential of technology to make our world better. Every day at work, I get to learn about all kinds of ways this is happening, and play my part in driving that. I also find communication really interesting, and get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that we're doing a great job of making complex concepts accessible.

I talk to my engineers about what they're working on, and plan what we're going to need to do to communicate about it. I draw diagrams and write documents, making sure they are accurate and complete. My coworkers are very supportive, interesting, and respectful, which makes Arm a great place to work.

I studied Electronic Engineering with German and French at university, with a year at uni in Germany and a year working in France. For ten years, I worked for a small electronics manufacturer, and I loved the range of skills that working in a small business let me build up. Eventually, I realised that the communication side of the job was what I found really rewarding, and moved to Arm to concentrate on this full time.

In the future, I'd like to move to a leadership role, shaping how we communicate about technology. I don't see my future as set in stone though, I want to explore where the road leads me.

I love to ride my bike, and really got into Zwift over lockdown. I have three young kids, so fun is pretty much the normal state of things at home. I also love to learn languages. I speak French and German reasonably well from living there, basic Spanish, and I'm currently learning Italian.

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope. - Martin Luther.