Nivetha Sundararajan

Senior Accounts Manager

Arm Ltd., Semiconductor IP Company

I am an Accounts Specialist in Arm Sales team. I work with IC design teams to help maximize ROI and give designers the tools they need to design quickly with confidence!

My role is more about bringing our Partners Ideas to reality! that said I am more interactive both externally and internally - can call myself a people person/lively! which is something I really love about my role.

It involves a mix and match of - Business development to identify potential NEW Partners - Campaign Account Development - Working with our existing Partners in helping their current and upcoming projects/application development.

I finished my grads in Engineering (2013) and moved to Bangalore (India) to start my career journey, I desperately needed a job to earn my living - so started as an Intern at Arm University Program team and part of the role was University Relations and part of the role was engineering, had to speed up learning about Arm processors, work on demos to present this at Universities to budding Engineers! (for about 1 year) Though I am curious to know about technology, developing on it was not one of my passion, so the jump to Sales - I started as a Sales rep for Arm Software Dev tools (for about 3.5 years) part of the role I also handled Sales & Distribution for Partners across EMEA, that paved way to my relocation, moved to Cambridge in 2017 and started as Technical Accounts Specialist (which was again a Tech Sales role) Personally I was always passionate about different culture/lifestyle etc., It was a big leap back then and then last year I was promoted to a Senior role with some more responsibilities!

My long term goal is to become a Partner Manager!

I try my best to balance between work and fun! I love learning something new - one goal a year! I have been practicing Yoga for the last 3 years, Food photography is one of my latest interests (I also love creating new healthy recipes) Apart from those I like playing piano - have been learning for a year! I also am an occasional basketball player!

I always believe in this quote by Myles Jury! Sky is the limit! Never doubt yourself, Stay focused, Never let anything slow or stop you from concurring your goals and making your dreams happen!