Caroline Hoffmann

Communications Consultant

I work for myself and have several clients, from technology companies to startups to small businesses on the high street.

I help companies create and execute a communication strategy that answers their needs and is relevant to their target audience, using smart tactics and different media such as social media, newsletters, blog articles, events, news websites, and newspapers.

What I enjoy the most about my work is that it's requires creativity, but also interpersonal skills as well as organisational skills. You have to be very resourceful and patient because you don't get results instantly. You have to be in peace with what we call delayed gratifications! Nevertheless, the outcomes are very rewarding!

The first thing I do when I get to work is researching my clients on Google to see if they've got any press coverage, which means articles that talk about them in the media. Then, I do some reporting and usually share the news on social media or schedule it at a better time or a specific date to have more impact. If the client has a product launch or big news coming up, I write a press release, which is a document I send to journalists who might be interested in sharing the news! I'm in touch with my clients on a daily basis to make sure I can anticipate any announcements and make the most out of them. Having coverage in the media can be beneficial in many ways, like building credibility as a startup, attracting new partners or investors, increasing awareness...

I have a bit of an unusual story! I was born in the French countryside and started horse-riding when I was 7 years old and competed at a professional level only aged 14. When I turned 18, I was selected by the French government to study at the National Riding School in France, well known to be the best horse-riding school in Europe. I was a high-level athlete and trained to become an instructor while studying economics and management. The equestrian field is an amazing world to learn rigor, discipline, humility, and hard work. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive, so I decided to continue my studies in order to one day be able to ride as a hobby. After graduation, I moved to Paris to study for a Master's degree in Communications. I did the first year in Paris and was lucky enough to have the chance to study the final year in London (in France, a Bachelor's degree is 3 years and a Master's degree is 2 years). At the time, I didn't really speak English (it was my third language back at school and I didn't remember much of it!). Nevertheless, after 1 year of hard work and not a single day off, I graduated at the top of my class and was the Valedictorian! I loved the atmosphere in London and worked there for 4 years until the pandemic hit and I decided to go back to France to be closer to my family. I still have clients in the United Kingdom while working from France and I hope I'll be able to move back to the UK in a near future.

I hope I can continue to help companies communicate efficiently and inclusively and to encourage and inspire the next generation to be bold and confident enough to not only dream their dreams but make them come true! What I love the most is working on early-stage projects as there's everything to be built and I find it to be very exciting! I'll also continue to work remotely as long as I can as it enables me to travel the world a few weeks every year!

I love sightseeing and discovering new places and cultures and I never travel to the same city twice! So far, I've travelled to 20 countries and I can't wait to be able to travel again. In 2020, I travelled before the pandemic hit and I spent 10 days in Korea and 3 weeks in New Zealand. Later that year, I also went to Vienna (Austria). During these trips, I was working remotely! When I'm not travelling, I love to ride horses, play tennis, and hike in the most incredible places. I recently started to play the ukulele and I'm enjoying it very much. But what I spend most of my time doing outside of work is probably eating!

I have two! "Motivation comes with action, not before it." Mark Manson "There is more honour in defeat than there is in unused potential." The Politician, Netflix.