Sara Copley

Well-being Consultant

At The Daily Meditation Lab we aim to provide mindful evidence based therapeutic techniques to help people feel more content, resilient and in control of their own mental health.

I help people who feel anxious, stressed and unhappy by talking to them about how they feel and then making a plan to make them feel better by teaching them about their mind, maybe teaching meditation and other mindful techniques.

I really like people and I have received a lot of love and care both as a young person and now as an adult. I love using my academic skills and my personal beliefs in compassion, empathy and connection to help people feel more content and less anxious and stressed.

Depending on how many clients I have that day. I wake up, drink some coffee and take 15 minutes to meditate (ground myself) it helps prepare me for the day ahead. Then I go into my office, turn on my laptop and read the notes I have about my first client. The rest of the day I can see up to 5 clients and I usually space them about 45 minutes apart. About 5pm I always take an hour to walk and play with my dogs and to prepare dinner for my family. Sometimes in the evening I have a group of clients - usually this is a regular group of people who need the support of a group to learn or share their thoughts and feelings.

I did an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Russian. Followed by a masters diploma in Applied Psychology- I am also a qualified mindfulness and compassion in professional practice teacher.

I love to travel and have lived in several countries. I’d like to share compassion based therapies with other professionals and in different countries. I love to collaborate, teach but also learn. I’d love to have more dogs, learn to make good sushi and get good at capoeira.

I love hanging out with my children, travelling without any major plan, old hip-hop, vintage couture clothes and writing articles.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou