Allie Ottoboni

President, eBay Foundation

eBay Foundation

I help eBay - and our employees - in donating and volunteering. We focus on supporting untapped entrepreneurs so that they can start and grow businesses and make their communities more vibrant!

I like the opportunity to use giving and volunteering as a way for each of us to build our empathy muscles!

I learn about the problems in our communities and I talk with nonprofit organizations about how to solve them. I am in a lot of meetings!

I always knew that I wanted to have a job that focused on helping people. After college, I started working for a nonprofit organization that helped people with intellectual disabilities. Then, I worked for a family Foundation - basically, a very wealthy family that wanted to give money away in a way that felt meaningful. After 6+ years there, I came to the eBay Foundation and have been here for over 8 years.

I see a really mindful and alert future for myself. I always want my job to feel like more than "work" - I want it to be fulfilling to me and meaningful for the communities we work with.

Reading (a lot!!), Cooking, baking, crosswords, puzzles, hiking, dancing with my kids, traveling with my husband (when we can)

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~ Mary Oliver