Amelia Hayward

Self-shooting Producer/Director

I am a freelancer who produces, films and edits my own documentaries and videos.

I find new stories, film multi-camera interviews, edit packages, interview interesting people and so much more!

I love telling stories, and giving people a voice who don't usually get the chance to speak about their life.

Every day at work is different! I could be out filming, at home editing or having meetings about new projects.

I was on crutches and in a wheelchair during my teens (thanks to a knee injury which has now healed) and was part of an online school. I think a lot of people had written me off, but I worked really hard and I've had a successful 15 year media career.

I am leaving my BBC staff job so that I can make documentaries full time. Hopefully I can make a success of this.

I love reading, walking my dog, watching (and sometimes filming) basketball, and being geeky!

Just keep going! Things will be tough at times, but if you work hard and try your best then things usually work out. Even if you fail, it will help you on the road to success. (Although it never feels like it at the time!)