Omoniyi Giwa

Principal Program Manager

Arm we are a semi conductor and software design company

Organising, co-ordinating and managing tasks and activities to ensure that we deliver products to our partners on time .

The variety of the work, every day is different, meeting inspiring and intelligent individuals which means I am always learning.

A lot of meetings to discuss progress, following up on tasks, and asking loads of questions all to to ensure we are on track.

I studied Materials Science and Engineering. I enjoyed the Maths and Engineering aspect of it. First I worked in Finance, then moved to Business Planning, this was in my search for a job that stimulated my interest. Whilst working in Business Planning I discovered Program Management, and realised it provided that variety in a career that I wanted.

Encourage not just girls but the young to go into STEM, I want to be able to inspire and see the kids I inspire go on to do great things.

I enjoy baking and recently gardening though I have not done much baking in a while. I just moved house so I am more into the gardening, planting flowers, and staging the garden. I also enjoy exercising, yoga, and cycling.

'with every hardship comes ease', it's a quote from the Holy Quran, I find the quote inspiring and reminds me that nothing lasts for ever, bad times come and go we just need to ride that wave till it settles.