Katie Worton

Engineer (CPU Validation)

Arm - a semiconductor company who design the hardware and software which provide the "brain power" to everything from smartphones to supercomputers!

I write software to test the CPUs (Central Processing Units) that Arm designs. These CPUs are like the "brain" for our everyday devices.

I love deepening my understanding of the steps going on in our electronic devices. It's super interesting to see the interface between the hardware and software, learning how they interact.

I typically spend my day writing software and running tests on the CPU hardware. This involves writing code, reading documentation, analysing test outputs and working with my teammates to develop my understanding.

I studied a BSc in AI and Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, then joined Arm as a graduate in 2019.

I want to keep learning and developing my skills to become an expert in my domain.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing video games with my friends and mentoring others who wish to join the tech industry.

Even if things seem tough, keep putting in the hard work and you'll do great!