Nancy Ridge

President & Founder

Ridge Innovative

Help companies achieve business outcomes with technology. Leadership coaching & development. Ecosystem "Sherpa" make the right alliances in your ecosystem using digital automation Building strong channels

I get to use my talent as a Connector to bridge gaps - whether they be in technology for problem solving or strategies for building channels or tools to develop personally & professionally

Sales activities, learning, engaging as a motivational speaker or thought leader on social media, wearing the many hats of an entrepreneur

Emancipated minor to secretary for a high tech firm, to technology sales, to leadership to founder of a non-profit for women & girls in STEM to business owner

Continue to grow, give and make an impact in the world around me.

Ride horses as a competitive show jumper Cook & eat healthy food Have fun with my cat & dog Relish my relationships at home, at work, in my community, at church and with God

"Be Curious"