Monique Gibson

Scrum Master

YoYo - We are a mobile wallet company aiming to improve the way the world transacts

In my job, I consult to digital delivery teams aiming to implement Agile's ways of working.

I love that my role allows me the freedom to challenge old systems and teach others to do the same by keeping the view on delivery. It's very liberating. I love building teams where individuals are self organised, feel empowered, and feel happy in the work they do. We spend too many hours at work to not love what we do, how we do it and who we do it with.

No two days are the same. One moment, I can be working with a tester to help prioritise a software bug with the Development team. The next, I can be on a coaching call with a Senior business stakeholder. A scrum master enjoys variety!

I used to be an account manager. I was responsible for the client relationship, legal contracting & financial health (making sure the invoices went out on time and to the right person) of a key retail and financial services client. This client confided in me that he wasn't happy with our service. After searching for WHY he wasn't happy, we landed on WAYS of WORKING. The team was using old project management systems. There was an unhealthy "them" vs. "us" atmosphere. This led me to research Agile and Scrum. I earned a certified Scrum Master certificate and had the gift of two great mentors. I am now completely focused on building happy, engaged teams who deliver!

I had a serious financial set back in my early thirties. Ever since then, I've been on a mission to build a cash nest egg, learn how to invest, and how to be financially independent. I coach members in my teams around ways of working bit. I would like to share my knowledge of how to save and grow wealth to as many young women as possible. Working in STEM can be very well paid , but it means nothing if you're not saving and investing for your future!

Work (yes, I love it)! Walks in forests. Laughing with my teenage sons. Reading and writing. Jodi Picoult is my all time favourite author.

Smile; it's not that serious.